Rene Hendriksen Interim Management

Chinese suppliers

I live in China since 2009.
I have spent most of these years in Beijing and Shenzhen.
The Shenzhen/Guangzhou area is producing about 90% of all electronics. Apple, Dell, HP, you name it: it is manufactured in this region. A few companies like Honhai/Foxconn are large but many are small. If you visit the area, you feel like you are in a jungle, you feel lost and don't know where to start. The chinese people are great business people. They know why you are there and what you want. They know more then you do. Their priorities and issues are different from what you have seen so far in Europe or USA.

I can help. I have been in hundreds of factories, i know many suppliers. I know what you can expect and what you cannot. I can help you save money and build lasting relationships.
How I do this?
Give me a call and we can discuss.

rene in china factory

One thing i learned is how to read and qualify a Plant – fast -  by looking at:

-         Customer satisfaction focus

-         Safety, cleaniless , labor conditions

-         Visual Management system

-         Scheduling system

-         Use of space, movement of materials, prduction line flow

-         Level of Inventory and WIP

-         Team work and motivation

-         Condition and maintenance of equipment and tools

-         Management of complexity and variability

-         Supply Chain integration

-         Understanding and real commitment to Quality

As i have seen so many chinese factories, I know what to expect and what you need for your product and customers.